Association activities

Federal Association of Service Providers for Online Vendors e.V. (BDOA)

Employees of Proventa AG have played an active role in the since 2005. The purpose of the BDOA is to support vocational training in the area of online services provide scientific support for standards during the integration of  different units of online value-added services into systems, and support current, related scientific knowledge via training opportunities  and publications at university level as well as levels otherwise recognised by the scientific community.

Card not Present Payment Forum (CNPPF)

Employees of Proventa have been involved with the Associate Committee of the since it was founded in 2004.

The cross-competition, international lobby  group sees itself as a source of information and promoter of all  enterprises that operate in e-commerce and m-commerce as well as telesales and mail order. The Forum''s mission is to disseminate information on current trends, practical applications and  technological developments in all areas of remote customer interaction represent the interests of enterprises to governments, payment system operators and other interest groups, and maintain an international network for the open exchange of know-how  between stakeholders in the CNP market in the course of the annual conference and other networking events.

Arbeitskreis Software-Qualität und -Fortbildung e.V. (ASQF)

Proventa has been an ASQF member since 2014.

ASQF considers itself the competence network for software quality in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The association represents the interests of its members as an independent professional association, arranges new stimuli for business and politics, and organises and promotes a permanent exchange between technical staff, management and scientists, as well as with political representatives and public authorities. It also bundles and strengthens the ambitions to secure the quality advantage of software products and to expand them sustainably.

The ASQF is the sole proprietor of iSQI GmbH – the International Software Quality Institute – founded in 2004.

Your contact person

Dr. Dietmar Wiedemann

Doctorate in economics, degree in business administration