You can only make new connections when you cross borders.

Thomas Möginger


The goal of our partnerships is to offer our customers the most innovative applicable technologies with the best on-site support. Our starting point for the search for new partnerships is always the requirements of our customers, which we map in the form of Digital Transformation Services. As soon as these services are defined, we explore the international market for suitable innovative technologies, which we then compare and test very critically as to their maturity level. As soon as we have found a new technology, we conclude close partnership agreements with the providers. We then train our employees in these new technologies and, together with the partner, define a blueprint for the respective transformation.




plusserver ist der Managed Cloud Service Provider für Mittelstand und Großunternehmen. Seit mehr als 20 Jahren beratet und begleitet plusserver Unternehmen bei ihrer digitalen Transformation.

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Diego Calvo de Nó

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COO & Executive Board

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