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The IT company

In the heart of Frankfurt am Main is one of the oldest and most well-respected IT consultancies in the city.

Proventa AG was founded in 1992 by two graduate computer scientists, Wolfram Wittmann and Vojko Vojkovic, and has been in business in Frankfurt for national and international customers for over 20 years. The founders still work on the board of the company.

Proventa AG considers itself a consultancy and development provider in all IT areas, from the idea, the design and the implementation right up to the operation. In the process, Proventa AG provides comprehensive support for customer needs and implements new innovations with a quality-conscious perspective.

Proventa AG is a cross-industry IT consultancy that operates in almost all industries, both as a consultancy and as a developer.

The company's focus is on digital transformation. We offer sophisticated solutions for the most important steps of digital transformation:

14 million euros in sales

Over the last four years (2014 - 2017) Proventa AG achieved a turnover of about 14 million euros. Proventa AG invests almost 3% of its turnover each year in training its workers in order to meet increasing demand and to deal with new innovations. And it’s an investment that pays off. Our workers have excellent training and excellent references.

As of January 2018, Proventa AG has about 70 permanent employees and picks one out of a pool of 140 active external workers.
All workers are certified and have outstanding expertise.

70 internal employees

140 external workers


Another very important component of the Proventa success story is the value we place on the internal and external relationships between workers and customers.

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The Proventa AG currently employs 86 full-time employees.

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Wolfram Wittmann

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