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PROVENTA AG – a success story

Proventa started in the area of database technologies in 1992. This was a big subject in 1992. The first relational databases captured the market and to a significant extent replaced hierarchical databases.

The question was, who would undertake this migration? This is exactly what Proventa specialised in in its founding year. With great success! To this date, 22 years later, data migration and dealing with data volumes larger than 10 billion datasets plays a central role at Proventa.

Parallel to this, over the years Proventa has developed from technology supplier to IT consultancy and gained customers from the telecommunications, Internet service provider, industry, commerce and banking fields. Today, nearly a quarter of a century later, the range of services from Proventa is extremely comprehensive and goes from idea, design and implementation to operation.

What has been special about Proventa over the years is our never jumping on the bandwagon but steering strategically in one direction or another. All services from our range have arisen from the requirements of our customers and were developed jointly with them.

In the process, the secret of success for Proventa was also always the people.

The idea that only fairly paid, respectfully treated, valued workers have the required enthusiasm and motivation, and that from this basis they derive their ambition for their work, was the trailblazer for Proventa AG.

If we look back today on how the company has developed, we are proud first and foremost not of the size, the number of workers or the turnover achieved. Proventa AG are proud to have proven that you can successfully build a company without acting solely in a profit-oriented manner. On the contrary, we act at the personal level.

The origins of Proventa AG

In the summer of 1991, the two founders of Proventa, who had just finished their degrees in computer science at Stuttgart University, received a telephone call from a former fellow student who was already working at a respected consultancy in Frankfurt. He explained about a large project at Telenorma GmbH and that they were looking for two database specialists. He had immediately thought of these two, as that was their specialist area.

Both founders had family in the Stuttgart area and had each had had his first child. The enthusiasm for the topic was great; the enthusiasm for Frankfurt was not, for family reasons.

In the end, curiosity won and a meeting in Frankfurt turned into a commission, which in turn became a perfectly completed project within three months. The founders heard later that other specialists had been coming and going for two years without achieving the slightest result. The founders not only achieved the required result, they also left a permanent impression and were summoned a short time later by the management at Telenorma.

A truly unique offer was made to them there:

The founders still affectionately call the man who started the ball rolling "the mentor". In a striking monologue, he challenged them to found a business immediately, because the founders were exactly the people with the stuff necessary to be successful, with charm and intelligence. Every "but" was shot down. And then came the offer: “If you found a business now, I will give you a two-year contract immediately.”

There are weaker arguments.

In February 1992, Wolfram Wittmann and Vojko Vojkovic founded Proventa Consulting GmbH, with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Proventa started work. In 1994, the Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall joined Telenorma, followed a year later by Bosch and another year later by Deutsche Lufthansa. Proventa gathered speed and appointed its first employees. In 1999, Proventa assisted in the stock-exchange listing of T-Online and took part in the creation of the largest billing system in the world. And that opened the door to Deutsche Telekom (2001).

In 2005, Proventa took over DCN-Solution, a company that had specialised in data migration and data quality and that promised valuable support for Proventa in this area. The managing director at the time, Diego Calvo de Nó, is still a board member at Proventa AG.

In 2006, Proventa Consulting GmbH was converted to an owner-managed limited company, Proventa AG.

In 2009, Proventa AG became a preferred supplier for Deutsche Telekom. In 2013 a core domain supplier, in 2014 a focus supplier. In 2012, Proventa AG received the best rating in the course of supplier benchmarking compared to all other suppliers.

Today, Proventa AG represents quality in international and national consultancy services and developments for well-known DAX-listed customers.

The focus is still on data migration and data integration.

In the over 22 years of the company’s history, Proventa AG has carried out more than 1,500 projects, including numerous large projects with terms of several years.

Today, Proventa AG is dealing with many innovative topics such as iBeacons, Connected Home and mobile apps.

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