The meaning of life is not about being a successful person but being a valuable one.

Albert Einstein


"People work with people."

Our goal is to transfer our passion for IT to the people we work with on a daily basis: our customers.

Together, we want to transfer our motivation to our customers and to enthuse them about the best service or solution in each case.

The person is always at the centre of the process – because each one of our customers primarily employs people. People we integrate, we give a real feeling of teamwork to and we supply with all the information they need to work with us toward the best possible solution. Enthused and motivated.

That is our mission.

It only becomes a vision when it exceeds the imagination of others.

David Tatuljan


Our vision of the future is organic growth, the unconditional satisfaction of our customers with the highest possible quality, enthusiasm for new technologies and pleasure in implementing the most varied solutions.
We want to maintain our corporate culture within our growing company. For we are still convinced that only employees who are valued and enthusiastic about the subject can fulfil the requirements of our customers and provide innovative solution recommendations to our customers.

In addition to Frankfurt and Darmstadt, we want to develop further locations to ensure closeness to our customers.

We want to have sound knowledge of all new technologies and processes in order to be able always to offer the best possible solution. To achieve this, we invest in training our workers. Year in, year out.

We want to expand our core areas further, forming core areas for fields that the market has to deal with. Data migration and cleaning up gigantic data volumes are areas that will grow more and more in importance in the future. We are addressing exactly these areas.

Your contact person

Wolfram Wittmann

Degree in informatics
CEO & Executive Board