He was insured. He couldn't care less about the world.

Erhard Horst Bellermann


Allianz Global Assistance International S.A. is an insurance company in the Allianz SE group for travel, leisure and foreign trips.

Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of travel insurance and assistance services. More than 13,000 employees on five continents and a worldwide network of specialists are available 365 days a year for its customers, round the clock.


Together with Deutsche Telekom and Allianz Global Assistance (AGA), a back end was implemented to support the processing of assistance insurance in the Smart Home area. An insurance case occurs when certain events (e.g., fire, water) are recorded by QIVICON sensors and the specified requirements (type, duration, priority) are satisfied.

The back end is used on the one hand for managing customer and insurance data and on the other hand for processing events based on the implementation of a requirements system.

According to specified event types and priorities, this controls and detects tests and false alarms. In order to support smooth operation, a system monitoring all significant components and interfaces (Smart Home, AGA systems) has been added and 24/7 support established.


With this implementation, the technical foundation was laid for various expansion stages in the field of the Internet of things.

It will thus be possible in the future not only to extend the Smart Home area, but also, for example, to collect data or process events in the context of the Connected Car and Connected Health. Interfaces for the connection and integration of different distribution channels to acquire hardware and insurance services or front ends to provide customer-care services were also prepared and are now available.

The implementation of the back end was carried out using the following technologies:

  • Unix
  • Web server: Apache HTTP server
  • Database: MySQL
  • Java application server: Apache Tomcat 7
  • Java7 JDK or JRE

The communication of third-party systems (Telekom, Allianz) with the back end is carried out using web services and SFTP. For the connection of a front end and for the collection of customer and insurance data, web services and a comprehensive REST interface are available.

Necessary authentications are made on the basis of HTTP basic authentication [RFC 2617] and encryption via HTTPS.

Comprehensive test automation was realised based on SoapUI. Monitoring of the most important interfaces and system components was implemented using the Nagios monitoring software.



Process consultancy and participation in a cross-system review process. Design of a web portal, a back end and various interfaces. Support for pilot and interim solutions for phased introduction to market. Change management for the whole duration of the project.


Development of a back end (incl. interfaces, in addition to a REST interface). For load, event and integration tests, a comprehensive test-automation system was realised.


Incorporation of a deployment and release-management process. Monitoring of important system components for ensuring smooth event processing. Support of the operation with a specific maintenance team and establishment of 24/7 support.