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John F. Akers

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom AG is a large telecommunications company from Germany with a worldwide presence, with around 230,000 employees (2013) and a turnover of €60.1 billion. It provides the complete communication stack, from technical networks and their operation to appropriate and innovative products for fixed line and mobile telephony, Internet and services both for private and business customers.


A customer base correction system (CBCS) is the solution, providing an automated repair process for large data volumes.

First, data from the customer base are extracted from up to six different source systems; all data are then homogenised and validated.

In the second phase, a previously defined, highly complex set of technical rules is applied to the data so that using comparisons and alignments and special logic, a base that can be processed in the CRM and can be used for follow-up orders for the supplier, invoicing and order systems is determined.

In the third phase, the current actual base in the CRM and the target base are transferred to the subsequent systems in the process chain.

Proventa realised the complete application within a year with a ten-person team and dealt with changes in the design and requirements in the ongoing development process that arose on the basis of an intensive dialogue with the customer.


The implementation of the solution was on the basis of both open-source and closed-source software. The closed-source part, and the heart of the solution, was a relational database for enterprises from Oracle. The actual processing of the data was carried out by Pentaho data integration, as this software can process large volumes of data. A framework developed specifically was used to process all the technical logic. The automation of the solution was completed with Unix Shell scripts. Due to the complex technical demands, the solution included comprehensive configuration possibilities to allow for changes while in operation.



ARIS documentation describes the complete technical repair process and thus formed the basis for the implementation of the solution.



The CBCS framework developed specifically for Pentaho data integration deals with complete process control as well as logging and fault handling.