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Agile Teamwork Transformation, alongside Agile Process Transformation and Agile Management Transformation, is a central component of our Business Transformation Services.

In 2014, the Tolino Alliance, consisting of the most important German booksellers, surpassed Amazon for the first time in e-book sales, after only two and a half years on the market. An essential success factor was and still is the use of the Agile Management Framework with the help of Proventa AG.

Reasons for Agile Teamwork

IT projects are becoming more complex, while development times and budgets are being reduced. Changes in requirements are the order of the day. Phase-oriented software development methods often fail in the face of these dynamic and complex challenges. Agile processes demonstrably offer a higher benefit than classic processes - namely through greater customer orientation, higher return on investment and higher team productivity. With Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking, some things become more flexible while many things can be done faster and more cheaply.


We help you to introduce agile methods throughout your company, to develop high-performance, self-organising teams and to establish an agile culture for your employees, teams and management. Take advantage of our experience with large DAX corporations, medium-sized companies and young start-ups, which we have been helping with agile transformation since 2009.

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