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Digital Integration Services

Digital Integration Services are the core component of any transformation service built upon them and are the beginning and end of every digital transformation.

Most IT infrastructures have been built up incrementally over decades. In addition to the main systems, which mainly map business models, a large number of secondary systems have crept into companies over time. These systems cause most of the costs and problems without generating direct added value.

Using our Digital Integration Services, we can help you slim down your IT landscape, so that you can vigorously tackle digitalisation issues and reinvest your savings in expanded potential.


By using our integration services, you will have access to years of experience in implementing and maintaining data quality in large companies, as well as to reliable partnerships with innovative vendors. The resulting solutions are characterised by attractive licence costs, low maintenance costs, expert knowledge and flexibility. As our sites are based in Germany, we are able to take the latest data-security requirements into account and guarantee competent, customer-oriented and on-site consultancy services.

The first step is an assessment, which transparently lists the costs you currently incur for managing your legacy applications. Included in this are the costs for infrastructure, software licences, personnel and operation. Following this, we recommend piloting (POC), with final planning of the overall implementation in the form of a strategic roadmap.

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