When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others build windmills.

A Chinese proverb

Digital Transformation

Digital technologies are changing the way people work and live every day. They bring about a profound change in every area of life and offer us every chance for a better quality of life, new business models and more efficient management.

Every company should strategically focus on digitisation at an early stage and plan its transformation in such a way that acceptance, profitability and implementation are in line with the sustainable development of the company.

Digital transformation means challenges for both business and IT. We have analysed these challenges in cooperation with numerous managing directors and IT managers:

Proventa AG see it as our mission to support our customers in this transformation and to help them realise the maximum potential from these transformations while at the same time reducing risks and costs. Proventa AG use our own methodology and selected technology stacks that precisely support these goals.

We have brought our portfolio into line with the necessary transformations and offer well-thought-out solutions for the most important steps of digital transformation.

Business Transformation Services

For the managing director, digitisation means an acceleration and a reduction of market-entry barriers, which increases the number and impact of disruptive effects on the market. In order to react to these events quickly and effectively, a company must become significantly more agile, and to make the company more agile, working methods, processes and management have to adapt to this. Our Business Transformation Services offer a blueprint for these change processes.

IT Transformation Services

For the IT manager, digitisation means a sharp increase in technical requirements coupled with a tightening of service-level agreements. In addition, the cost pressure and the speed at which technologies must be introduced are increasing. To achieve these service levels and reduce costs at the same time, a cloud strategy is required. Simultaneously, a new data architecture must be planned that will allow the increased and complex amount of data resulting from these requirements to be processed at a price that is affordable. Finally, these new IT services must be available not only at traditional workstations but everywhere and at any time via mobile devices.

Digital Integration Services

The Digital Integration Services are the core component of each transformation service based thereon and are both the beginning and the end of each digital transformation.