Mobile: More than just a movement.

Mobile Transformation

Mobile transformation, along with our cloud and database transformation, is a central component of our IT Transformation Services.

The phase that initially started as Consumption is now evolving into the second phase, Mobile as Primary Platform. In the first phase, for example, mobile devices were almost exclusively used for business by middle and upper management in a company.

But now, over 50% of the workforce own a smartphone used for business purposes. Applications are shifting more and more towards mobile use to support flexibility in terms of space and time. In order to quickly access important information on the go, sales reps, for example, want to access their CRM systems via a mobile app instead of a web browser.

How Does Mobile Transformation Work?

Mobile transformation does not stop at corporate business models; it opens up potential for new business models.

In addition, a considerable part of the value chain can be implemented more efficiently through the use of mobile devices.

Based on a scalable, low-cost architecture, our Mobile Transformation Service helps you to develop a best-fit strategy at the beginning of the transformation.

The transformation is implemented in an agile manner and in close cooperation with the customer.


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