One should not take the mistakes of others to boost one's image, but do so through one's own achievements and actions.

Sebastian Schäfer


Proventa AG sees itself as a cross-sector provider of consulting and development services in all IT areas. From the idea, conception and implementation through to operation. As an agile company, we at Proventa AG constantly adapt our services to the needs of our customers. Originally founded as an IT consultancy, Proventa AG has first evolved into a system house and then into an engine of digital transformation.

Digital Transformations

Working together with numerous managing directors and IT managers, we have defined the most important topics of digital transformations and developed ready-made solutions for them, which we offer to all our customers. These solutions are based on very innovative products that have already reached a highly advanced level of maturity. In order to find suitable offerings for our transformations, we explore the international market and critically test the latest products and technologies. After an extensive evaluation phase, we enter into close partnerships that allow us to provide this innovation to our customers as part of our Digital Transformation Services.

Other Services

In order to maintain our holistic approach and offer our customers complete solutions from a single source, our portfolio comprises other sought-after services in addition to our specified Digital Transformation Services. In development, the topic of nearshore is still highly relevant due to cost efficiency and the lack of skilled personnel. When carrying out large-scale projects, the customer usually requires selective support in the areas of project and program management, and since digitisation places higher demands on infrastructure, we cover this with our infrastructure services.